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I previously had a blog called Learning to Thrive.

That blog began when I was finishing up my undergradaute studies and was about to go off exploring places in the world where people live the longest, happiest lives – where people Thrive. It was a precursor to my studies in Community Psychology. But something else happened just before I was about to fly to Costa Rica: I met my current partner.

So, he came with!

After Costa Rica, a road trip, Australia, and Japan, I landed back in Portland for the PhD program. And I learned a lot in those couple of years. Below I’ve given a little outline, and subsequent posts will elaborate on each (and links will be provided on this page once those posts are published).

1. People thrive when they are connected to their communities. Sense of belonging, purpose, and fulfillment.

2. Often, the most fiscally poor places are the richest in various components of Thriving.

3. Learning how to slow down and “do nothing” may be the key to, well, everything.

4. Though I support diversity and cultures learning about each other, foreign infiltration often leads to negative outcomes.

5. Sometimes being alone helps you eventually become more connected.

6. Fear of death is a funny thing.

7. Follow your truth, do what you love, but keep an open mind and consider the unintended consequences.

8. Self love mirrors other love.

9. From dry sponge to wringing out.

10. Where do we go from here?

Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Categories: Community, Connection, Sense of Community

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