Making Peace with Your Truth [The Space Between Stories]

Session 2 in this series is about Navigating Uncertainty.

How can we distinguish real intuition from fear masquerading as intuition? How can we best make decisions in the face of uncertainty, when our normal maps are no longer helpful?

Lissa Rankin makes a statement that goes something like this: “Changes will happen inevitably when we make peace with the truth.” Which really seems to mean that once we fully accept our internal truth and what we know in our hearts to be true, we naturally change and have the courage to change (summed up from Charles’ explanation).

The session encourages participants to:

Pick an intractable situation in your life, a situation that is intolerable in some way, that doesn’t align with who you want to become. It could be a job, relationship, or health condition. It could be an unfulfilled desire. It could be a change you want to see in the world, something you are passionate about as a change-maker that your feel frustrated in your ability to serve. it could be dissatisfaction with who you are being in relation to a social, family, work, or political situation. It is something that incites in you the feeling, “I’ve got to do something about this” — but maybe you have no idea what to do. It feels too big, impossible even. Describe this situation, go into the feeling of it. And then ask yourself, “OK, what’s true?”

I’ve known for several months the current truth within me that I’ve been pushing away and trying to avoid. My intuition started to point to it, but I was having a hard time connecting to my intuition (or maybe pushing it away because I was afraid of what it was trying to tell me).

I ignored it because I thought that fully accepting what I know in my heart to be true — making peace with my truth — meant I had to act on it right away, which I wasn’t ready to do and which didn’t feel right.

But when Lissa explained simply making peace with your truth, and allowing yourself however long you need until you actually act on it — that concept has totally changed my perspective. I have now been able to fully accept what my intuition has been telling me, to fully make peace with my truth. And, because of that, I am at peace with waiting to act — until my intuition tells me it is time.

And it is SUCH a relief. Sometimes I feel the anxiety creep up, the anxiety of feeling like I’m “supposed” to act on it even though my intuition tells me it’s not the right time. I definitely have that internal feeling of “I’ve got to do something about this.” But before this sense of urgency clouded my head and made it hard to accept my truth. That cloudiness is gone. And now I can be patient with the how and when, and take care of those aspects of my truth with gentleness and grace when the time is ripe.

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